Manipur Violence: State Police Arrest Alleged Mastermind Behind Appalling Incident

Manipur violence

Manipur’s hills have been stressed after a distressing video surfaced on May 4. The video depicts a horrifying incident where two tribal women from one community were paraded naked and molested by individuals from another community. Responding promptly to the public outcry & Manipur violence the Manipur Police apprehended one of the main accused seen in the video on July 20. This unfortunate incident occurred in a village in the Senapati district, prompting several police teams to investigate the matter.

The Outrage and the Prime Minister’s Response

The appalling act has garnered widespread condemnation, including strong remarks from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who expressed his deep anguish over the incident. He asserted that the actions disgraced the entire nation and reassured that the law would take its course. 

This would ensure that the perpetrators would face appropriate consequences. Meanwhile, the opposition parties criticized the government for not addressing ethnic violence in the northeastern state.

Social Media and Request from the Centre

As the investigation continues, the Centre has requested social media platforms, including Twitter, to remove the video to prevent further circulation. The Manipur violence incident has sparked outrage nationwide, with prominent figures such as actors Akshay Kumar and Urmila Matondkar expressing their shock and demanding justice for the victims.

Punjab CM’s Plea for Exemplary Action

In response to the heinous crime, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take exemplary action against the culprits. He stressed that any society cannot tolerate such acts of violence against women.

CJI’s Stand on Human Rights Violation

Chief Justice of India, D.Y. Chandrachud, summoned the Attorney General of India and Solicitor General of India. He expressed his stance that using women as instruments of violence is unacceptable. He stressed that the acts of sexual assault and violence seen in the video are a gross violation of human rights within a constitutional democracy.

Opposition’s Call for Debate

The opposition parties have prioritized a debate on the Manipur incident as the first order of business during the monsoon session. They aim to seek a response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the matter.

Arrest of an Alleged Mastermind – Significant Step

The recent arrest of one of the main accused marks a significant development in the case. The Manipur Police in Thoubal district apprehended the alleged mastermind who was prominently seen in the 26-second video clip. Notably, this arrest took place more than two months after another violent incident in Manipur. 

In this incident, three women were stripped and paraded by a mob, with one subjected to rape. The emergence of the video brought the incident to the public’s attention, leading to calls for justice.

Internet suspension in Manipur

Given the sensitivity of the issue, the authorities have suspended internet services in Manipur since May 3, aiming to prevent the spread of misinformation and further escalation of tensions.


The focus now lies on a fair and thorough investigation. The nation eagerly awaits justice and steps to prevent such atrocities in the future. The arrest of the alleged mastermind offers a ray of hope that the victims and their families will receive justice. This will set an example for all to uphold humanity and respect women’s rights.

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