How to cancel order on Zomato within 1 minute

How to cancel order on zomato

Ordering food online through apps like Zomato has become second nature these days. But occasionally, plans change and you need to cancel an order. Luckily, Zomato makes it easy to cancel a food order when needed. 

Follow this simple guide to know how to cancel order on Zomato via the mobile app.

Access Your Zomato Orders 

Access your Zomato orders by opening the app on your phone and sign into your account. This ensures you can view your recent orders.

Go to the “Orders” tab – this is where you’ll see all ongoing and past orders placed through your account.

Select the Order to Cancel

Browse your orders and tap on the specific one you wish to cancel. This will bring up the order details showing what items you ordered.

Take a quick look to confirm it’s the correct order you want to be cancelled.

Check zomato’s Cancellation Policy

Before cancelling, it helps to understand Zomato’s policies around order cancellations. This gives you clarity on whether any cancellation fees apply or refund eligibility.

The policies are generally outlined right within the order details.

Initiate Cancellation Through the App

Once you’ve identified the order, there will be a “Cancel Order” option or button visible. Tap this to kick off the cancellation process.

Pick a Cancellation Reason

Zomato typically asks you to select a reason for cancelling – whether you changed your mind, there’s an issue with the order, or anything else. Choose the option that best explains your cancellation cause.

Confirm Cancellation 

Double-check all the cancellation details and then tap “Confirm Cancellation” or a similar button to finalize it. This sends your request to Zomato for processing.

Wait for Cancellation Confirmation

Give Zomato a few minutes to receive and process the order cancellation on their end. You’ll get a notification or email confirming it’s been cancelled successfully.

Understand Refunds 

If a refund is due based on Zomato’s policies, they’ll initiate processing it back to your original payment method automatically.

Get Help from Customer Support

If you face any trouble or have questions about cancelling, Zomato has 24×7 customer support to help out. Just reach out to them through the app.

Cancelling Zomato Orders is Simple

To recap, follow the step-by-step instructions within the Zomato app to easily cancel a food order when needed. Check the cancellation policy, confirm your request, and let support know if you need assistance.

With this handy guide, you can painlessly cancel Zomato orders when plans change. Now you don’t have to stress if you need to request a cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to cancel order on Zomato

1) How late can I cancel my Zomato order?

You can cancel your Zomato order any time before the restaurant has started preparing it. This is usually within 2-10 minutes of order placement. The app shows a ‘Cancel Order’ option during this time. If this option is not displayed, it means your order cannot be cancelled.

2) Will I be charged for cancelling my Zomato order?

Zomato does not charge for order cancellation within 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, a small cancellation fee of ₹20-50 is applied. The exact fee depends on the restaurant and order value. No charges apply if you cancel before order preparation begins.

3) How to cancel a Zomato order after payment?

You can cancel a Zomato order after payment till the time the restaurant is preparing it. Open ‘Orders’, select the order, choose items to cancel and tap ‘Cancel Item’. This will refund the amount for cancelled items to your original payment source.

4) My order status shows “Order Picked Up”. Can I still cancel it? 

No, you cannot cancel a Zomato order after it has been picked up by the delivery partner. The option to cancel will disappear once the order is picked up. Your only recourse then is to refuse delivery when the executive reaches your address.

5) Does Zomato refund money for cancelled orders?

Yes, Zomato gives a full refund for items cancelled before preparation begins. For partial cancellation, only the cancelled item amount is refunded. Refund is credited to your original payment source within 2-3 working days.

6) How do I cancel a scheduled order on Zomato?

Log into Zomato, go to ‘Upcoming Orders’ and select the scheduled order. Tap ‘Cancel Order’ and confirm cancellation in the pop-up. Scheduled orders can be cancelled any time before the delivery date.

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